Festival Fatale - Eternity Playhouse

29 October 2016


Mythical beings that exist as seals in the ocean, Selkies can shed their sealskins and be like humans on land. Rónnad finds herself trapped on the beach in human form, and taken in by Séan, who promises to look after her. She doesn't fit in with human life, and she feels the pull of the tide calling her back home. A visual feast, this production of Selkie is a provocative yet tender work that explores intimate partner emotional abuse through the lens of 'the other' and the cultural assimilation that can happen in relationships - where Rónnad is loved, but owned.

"A lyrical and powerful statement to the need for relationships to represent the acceptance of the realities of each soul, not be configured by greed or expectations. Gorgeous!"

- Review - Broadway World

Directed and Produced by Nicola James
Co-produced by Amy Morcom
Lighting Design by Daniel Barber
Animation by Tara J E Brown
Staring Sarah de Possesse & Jordan Gallaway
Underwater Photography by Mark Morgan