Like Whiskey on the Breath of a Drunk You Love /lunch


Andrew Bovell/ Steven Berkoff

The Old Fitz - July 2015

Review from Weekend Notes-

‘…a night of lust, regret and infidelity at the bar…

…to tap into the collective psyche of 2 couples cheating on each other's partners was a pretty good blood rusher for a Wednesday night… 

…Both plays were a great way to break up the week, and credit goes to Natalie Freeman, Edric Hong, Nicola James, Yannick Lawry for simply pulling off amazing line on top of line during Like Whiskey on the Breath of a Drunk You Love, which was delivered really well.’


Review from Sydney Arts Guide-

‘…LIKE WHISKEY ON THE BREATH OF A DRUNK YOU LOVE is the evening’s appetizer and intertwines two scenes of betrayal and seduction. 

…The doubt, the guilt, the frisson of the forbidden, the vice like grip of vice, explored in pungent, pacey jigsaw puzzle dialogue.

From Bovell to bovver boy Berkoff, the second course is a lithe and limber lewd show with all the pyrotechnic theatrical poetics the East End Bard has built his reputation on...’